In 2016, our small team conducted a scan of online learning tools for al Indigenous languages in Canada. Our search resulted in the Digital Tools for Language Revitalization in Canada (DTLRC) database (Koole & Lewis, 2018; Koole, Felber, MacKay, Lewis; 2018). The database contains information and links to websites, video/audio repositories, and applications (“apps”) useful for Indigenous language revitalization in Canada. Initially, we found 156 online resources of which 83 were dictionaries and 73 were audiolingual tools, but we were unable to locate many interactive apps for learning and practicing syntax in any Indigenous-Canadian language. This discovery has led us to initiate additional project to generate interactive resources for language learning.


Ms. Annalena Felber

Mitacs Intern (2016)

Dr. Marguerite Koole

Assistant Professor, Educational Technology & Design

Specialization: Mobile learning, technology-enhanced learning

Dr. Kevin wâsakâyâsiw Lewis

Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Program developer: Certificate Programs in Indigenous Languages, College of Education

Dr. Gail Mackay

Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Specialization: Indigenous Languages and Literacies in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Mr. Abdul-Hammid Olagunju

Graduate Research Assistant, MADMUC Lab


Thank you to the Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program for supporting Ms. Felber’s research at the University of Saskatchewan.